We do Digital Innovation

Our Mission

pebble {code} helps bold businesses to innovate, grow internal capabilities and create digital products that customers love. From start-ups to global enterprises our clients hire us for digital acceleration and innovation.

Areas of Expertise

We’re good at harnessing the power of the most complex tools and technologies and applying these to solve business problems.

What we've done Why it works


We are experts in working with cloud technologies and have experience of configuring, automating and managing Amazon Web Services, Azure, Rackspace and even some old school bare metal.


We are a mobile by default team and have strong expertise in design and development for mobile. We are excited by progressive web apps and the blurring between native and web.

Internet of Things

We have strong experience of working with internet-enabled hardware including firmware. We have worked with Bluetooth Low Energy, Light Bulbs, Rasperry Pis and Sensors.

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