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At pebble, we're experts in building solutions for Health. We believe there's an exciting digital transformation on the horizon, being driven by three main themes:


Patient Centricity

Health care provision has historically been designed around moving patients through a system as efficiently as possible.

In our primary research with cancer patients we discovered that this top-down approach is not working efficiently for the very people it is meant to serve.

We discovered:

We believe there are numerous opportunities to realise cost-savings, improve patient experience and life expectancies by considering health care as a network around individuals rather than asking a patient to pass through unconnected silos.

We predict:


In the future:


Smart Research

In our interactions with the Health sector we have noticed that Research Scientists are increasingly using Computer Science to accelerate processes and discovery and to reduce costs.

We have observed:

We believe that by formalising a symbiotic relationship between the two disciplines of Research Science and Computer Science organisations can realise cost-savings, shorten discovery cycles and deliver a Smart Research capability.

Furthermore for publicly funded organisations and charities we advocate an Open Data Policy where research data is made available to third-parties by default.

We believe that unlocking new meaning from data through openness and collaboration has the potential to accelerate discovery and understanding.

We predict:


In the future:


Bottom-up Innovation

To date Government Institutions, Charities and Pharmaceuticals have conceived of digital innovation from a top-down perspective.

Simply put large, monolithic organisations struggle to innovate at the speed of the open market. Top-down innovation is also extremely risky, often resulting in high profile failures like the NHS Patient Record system.

We believe by starting small and involving users early and often in the process that innovation projects stand a better chance of success. Gradually, we believe large organisations can learn to innovate like the open market.

Currently In the Future
Ideas conceived by management layers Ideas come from anywhere
One size fits all approach Problem specific approach
No User Research User Research is a guiding principle
Lengthy development cycles Early and frequent releases
Failure is expensive Failure is discovered early

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