Why it Works

pebble {code} combines deep business consulting skill with best practice practical techniques to propel your Digital Innovation.

Our 'Three Rights' Framework

Right Approach

  • Secure top down commitment
  • Insource management and development
  • Establish agile governance (business case, service, and product management)

Right Thing

  • Start with user led design
  • Develop Minimum Viable Product
  • “Right size” the components, sourcing from suppliers, COTS and open source

Thing Right

  • Install requisite capability across all roles
  • Use best practice lean start-up and agile software
  • View as a product not a project — It’s forever

How We Work

Starting with defining the problem before looking to the solution. Click the target buttons to find out more of each stage of the process.

User Experience Strategy and Research

By taking design decisions through rigorous User Research we are able to test assumptions, uncover latent requirements and design digital products from a robust evidence base. By involving users at every step of the design we ensure that digital products are relevant and offer value to end users.

MVP - Minimum Viable Product

Design Thinking

Design Thinking allows organisations to explore the motivations and needs of end users through empathy. Our Design Thinking workshops deliver novel solutions to problems and help all involved to explore the problem space and motivations of end users in detail.

The Power Of Design Thinking

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping allows us to quickly test ideas and assumptions through working software. We are experts in running one or two day hack days that have produced award winning prototypes. We also offer two week prototypes to produce working software that can be used to validates an assumption.

Why we still hack


  • Define the problem

  • Observe People

  • Form Insights

  • Frame Opportunities

  • Rapid Prototyping

User Interface Design

Our design process focusses on clarity and simplicity of function. We specialise in simplifying processes through design to allow users to focus on what they need to do. We advocate a mobile-first and responsive design approach by default.

Embracing Failure

Agile Development

We have been practicing Agile for all of our existence and are experts in Scrum, Kanban and XP. We help clients to quickly get up to speed with the Agile process and often find that they adopt our teaching and make it part of their culture. We have a strong focus on releasing software early and often to accelerate understanding and speed to market.

Is Agile for you?


What We've Done

We help business propel their digital capabiltiy and enable innovativion.

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