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How do you transform and unify internal communication for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies?

The Problem

Being such a large enterprise, AstraZeneca (AZ) is always changing – size, methods, systems.

Inconsistencies in communication hampered the business process. Their outdated waterfall method needed a push into the 21st century.

The Methods

From the minute we started our Hack Day I knew this was going to be an amazing and exciting experience, and I was right.

Kris Nayak, Head of Innovation, AstraZeneca

The Results

pebble {code} aided AstraZeneca in transitioning to an Agile business model, providing them with internal tools.

These include a Competitive Intelligence Portal, a Global Search Engine, an Adaptive Delivery Framework Portal, a global intranet, a Data & Metrics app, Development Strategy, and other custom mobile apps.

We unified the contents of a global corporation into a single digital destination and implemented resources for continued Agile growth - at 50% of the cost of most off-the-shelf tools.

The Future

With improved business functionality and Agile processes, AZ will be able to make decisions quickly and consistently. Teams will be less siloed, creating a cooperative workplace where everyone has a vested interest in each other’s success.

pebble {code} have the most creative and innovative approach to development - and they manage to do it all at such a speed.

Nick Brown, CTO office, AstraZeneca

Want to streamline your internal processes? pebble {code} has you covered.

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