Bede Gaming

How can you disrupt the gambling industry?

The Problem

The founders of Bede Gaming are industry veterans who had previously worked with leading games suppliers such as OpenBet, Playtech and Dragonfish, but were never satisfied with the quality of the existing legacy gaming platforms.

They saw an opportunity to deliver better technology and service to the market, and so launched Bede Gaming.

The Methods

The Results

Through early-stage collaboration with pebble {code}, Bede Gaming built their own platform that gives customers and gamers the freedom to adapt their products and play them on any device.

The platform also integrates best of breed games from other content providers, delivering gaming of all kinds on a whole new industry-leading platform. They have also created a world-class engineering team that pebble {code} is proud to have contributed to.

The platform has supported at peak times up to 5000 players using different games and devices. Bede Gaming currently has 1000 cloud-based servers under their management, and power 30 different gambling websites.

The Future

The new platform adds £100 million in stakes each month for Bede Gaming, adding value and attracting new games to the product suite every day.

pebble {code} has been a fantastic long-term partner for Bede Gaming. They shared our vision from the start and have consistently proven themselves to be highly innovative and extremely capable.

Dan Smyth, Founder, Bede Gaming

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