City to Coast

How can you increase efficiency between station workers and engineers?

Moving forward with Consumer Feedback

c2c operates an important train line connecting the city of London and the East coast.

The Problem

c2c workers toured their platforms recording problems as they arose.

This pen-and-paper method required an extra step to relay feedback to engineers, delaying repairs and leaving everyone unsatisfied.

The Methods

The Results

Through our signature rapid prototyping process, we were able to deliver working software to C2C in weeks that streamlines assessments.

We cut the processing time in half. The app’s automated reports highlight problem areas for more efficient resource allocation.

The Future

Today’s problems will no longer hinder tomorrow’s travel thanks to quicker communication and solution implementation made possible by our highly innovative software. Fewer delays, fewer complaints, more business from happy customers.

Want to minimize frustrations? pebble {code} has you covered.

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